October 22 2019

Doing business in Sharjah, an event to understand more about business opportunities in the Emirate

Yesterday SACE SIMEST has organised a day of meetings in Sharjah to help Italian companies in gaining full insight on business opportunities in the Emirate including new projects in the Infrastructure, Waste and Water treatment, Renewables, and Energy sectors.


Lorenzo Bagnoli, Managing Partner at Diacron Consultants DMCC, has taken part to the panel “Doing business in Sharjah”.

He has shared our experience on:

  • Internationalization and establishing a direct presence in Sharjah and in the UAE
  • Challenges and risks to operate in the country for foreign companies in compliance with the local regulations
  • The importance to have the right support locally.


To know more about "Doing business in Sharjah" email l.bagnoli@diacrongroup.com