July 10 2018

Competitive Intellingence: Kili Partners launches a new service in partnership with Quevedos

Kili Partners has recently launched a Competitive Intellingence service in partnership with the Spanish partner Quevedos.

The service has great competitive advantage implications. It finds, maps and analyzes all the customs transactions of competitors in 40 markets in the world. Some of the key markets covered are: China, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, India, Ethiopia.

The data is publicly available as it is obtained from authorities in countries that have a policy of transparency for customs. The service is based on advanced know-how, established relations with customs and an algorithm, that analyses millions of customs transactions. Data is then fine-tuned by analysts to make sure all information is relevant. The analysis allows to learn crucial information of competitors: sales behaviour, strategy, target markets, clients, prices, volumes of sales, frequency of sales.

The competitive intelligence offering is transactional and mines the following data:

  • Previously unknown clients and their purchasing behaviour;
  • Purchasing behaviour of known clients;
  • Analysis of new and known distributors;
  • Knowledge obtained of new competitors and their clients;
  • Competitors´ suppliers of raw materials;
  • Competitors´ suppliers of finished products; and
  • Analysis of market share compared with competitors in each market.

To better understand the service please watch the video.


For more information on this service please contact:

Natalia Sánchez Herrera

Francesco Gastaldon