February 21 2023

Individual Income Tax Rate

Source: Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has updated its guidance on individual income tax rates, by increasing marginal rates for both resident and non-resident individuals starting from income year 2023 (YA 2024).

For resident tax rates please refer to the following table, which includes the two new top rates of:

  • 23% on income of SGD 500,000;
  • 24% on income over SGD 1,000,000.

Resident tax rates from YA 2024 onwards

Non-resident tax rates from YA 2024 onwards

YA 2024 will see an increase from 22% to 24% in the income tax rate for non-resident individuals, with the exception of employment income and certain income taxable at reduced withholding rates.

For further details regarding which withholding tax rate is applicable, based on the type of income derived and the YA involved, please refer to the table below:

Tax residency definition

Income tax rates depend on a person's tax residency status. Individuals treated as tax residents for a given assessment year (YA) will be:

  1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident who resides in Singapore except for temporary absences; or
  2. Foreigner who has stayed/worked in Singapore:
    1. For at least 183 days in the previous calendar year; or
    2. Continuously for 3 consecutive years, even if the period of stay in Singapore may be less than 183 days in the first year and/or third year; or
  3. Foreigner who has worked in Singapore for a continuous period straddling 2 calendar years and the total period of stay is at least 183 days. This applies to employees who entered Singapore but excludes directors of a company, public entertainers, or professionals.


Source: IRAS.gov.sg