March 20 2023

Two departments: Strengthening comprehensive policy support to strengthen the updating, upgrading and application of energy conservation standards

On March 17, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued a Notice on Further Strengthening the updating, Upgrading, application and implementation of energy conservation Standards, calling for more comprehensive policy support.

According to the Circular, the energy efficiency of major products in the industry is generally better than the advanced value of the mandatory energy consumption quota standard or the energy efficiency of major energy-using products and equipment is generally better than the level 1 of the mandatory energy efficiency standard, and priority will be included in the Green Industry Guidance Catalog and the Green Technology Promotion Catalog.

We will improve the government's green procurement policy and increase support for government procurement of energy-efficient products that meet policy requirements. We will implement favorable tax policies for environmental protection, energy and water conservation, and comprehensive utilization of resources. We will actively develop green finance, increase financial support for projects that meet higher energy efficiency levels, and support eligible enterprises to issue bonds for financing.