March 25 2021

GAC Unveils Customs Measures on Applying “Zero Tariff” to Imports of Production Equipment at Hainan Free Trade Zone

Announcement by General Administration of Customs (GAC)

The General Administration of Customs released on March 4, 2021 the Customs Measures for the Implementation of the "Zero Tariff" Policy on Imports of Self-use Production Equipment at Hainan Free Trade Port (Trial), with a view to implementing the said measures. The Measures were implemented from the release date.

According to the Measures, self-use production equipment eligible for the "zero tariff" shall be subject to the management system of "one firm, one account". Eligible firms should register with the customs in accordance with the relevant rules before declaring for the first time the "zero-tariff” and shall complete the enterprise account information in the designated platform. Self-use production equipment imported with "zero tariff" shall be used by firms in the free trade zone that meet the prescribed conditions for their own use, and shall be subject to customs supervision by law for a period of three years.