November 17 2021

Job Market in Switzerland

Source: Switzerland - Global Enterprise

Switzerland is attractive to employers, as it has some of the most liberal labor legislation in the world.

The labor market is very flexible due to Switzerland’s liberal legislation, making it easy for companies to employ or dismiss staff at short notice in accordance with their financial requirements. The incidental wage costs are low compared with other countries and strikes have been far more infrequent in Switzerland than in any other European country over the last ten years.

Switzerland is also ideal for highly qualified employees, as the quality of life is very high and salaries are substantial. This also applies to skilled international workers and executives. Switzerland remains one of the most popular expat destinations, and frequently received top marks in various rankings. The attractive and moderate income tax rate for natural persons also plays a part in the attraction and is something that skilled foreign workers also benefit from.

You can down the publication prepared by S-GE on the Swiss Job Market here

Source: Switzerland - Global Enterprise