May 24 2023

Singapore – The New Part-Time Re-Employment Grant

The new Part-Time re-employment grant (PTRG) is part of the Government Assistance programs outlined in Singapore's FY2023 Budget Statement. These initiatives encompass grants, loans and tax incentives. For a deeper understanding of Singapore's budget statement, please refer to Overview of Tax Changes – Singapore Budget 2023.

Specifically, among the various grant types established by the Singaporean government, the first program is the Part-Time Re-employment Grant (PTRG). The PTRG aims to assist companies in implementing part-time re-employment flexible work arrangements (FWA), and structured career planning (SCP) for senior workers.

Companies that have been approved for the New Part-Time Re-employment Grant (PTRG) are required to provide their employees with the opportunity to reduce their work intensity and transition into part-time work arrangements during the re-employment phase. In cases where a suitable part-time position cannot be identified, eligible employees will be entitled to receive an Employment Assistance Payment as a form of support.

Companies of all types registered or incorporated in Singapore, including societies, non-profit organizations such as charities and voluntary welfare organizations, are eligible to register for the New PTRG.

In order to qualify for the grant, companies must meet certain criteria:

  1. Have at least one senior worker aged 60 years and above at the time of application and claim.
  2. Provide part-time re-employment opportunities to eligible senior workers upon their request.
  3. Adopt the Tripartite Standard on Age-Friendly Workplace Practices.
  4. Adopt the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements.
  5. Offer Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) and implement Structured Career Planning (SCP) as part of their formal HR policy.
  6. Commit to providing SCP to mature employees aged 45 and above in their HR policy.
  7. Send one senior management representative and one HR practitioner to attend a fully funded SCP workshop for senior management and HR practitioners, respectively, conducted by Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF).

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