January 9 2023

STA Optimizes several tax collection and administration services

Source: Announcement of the State Taxation Administration

The State Taxation Administration ("STA") released on January 6, 2023 the Circular on Matters concerning Optimizing Several Tax Collection and Administration Services, to be effective on April 1, 2023.

The Circular optimized four items of tax collection and administration services, including streamlining the process for registration of changed information, fine-tuning the tax services for trans-provincial relocation, optimizing the duties for management of tax sources, and stepping up coordination of registration business with market regulators. Specifically, starting from April 1, 2023, taxpayers that have registered changed information with the market regulators according to law will not need to report the changes to the tax authorities, and the provincial tax authorities will, based on the changed information shared by the market regulators, automatically update the changes of registered information in the core tax collection and administration system.