April 2 2023

State Administration of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance: Extend the preferential policy of urban land use tax for some land used by logistics enterprises

Source: Announcement of the State Taxation Administration

On March 26, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the Announcement on Continuing to implement Preferential Policies on urban Land Use tax for bulk commodity storage Facilities used by logistics Enterprises.

"Notice" makes it clear that from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2027, the facility lands for bulking commodity which logistics enterprises own (including self-use and rent) or leased, can be reduced by 50% of the applicable tax standard of the land class to calculate urban land use tax. The Notice also regulates logistics enterprises, bulk commodity storage facilities and land use for storage facilities. Taxpayers enjoying the tax reduction policy stipulated in the "Notice" should declare tax reduction and exemption according to the provisions, and keep the real estate ownership certificate, land use certificate, lease agreement and other materials for future reference.