May 20 2021

Tax Authority to Provide Electronic Invoicing Systems to Taxpayers

Source: IBFD Tax Research Platform News

Rwandan taxpayers are urged to apply to the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) for the appropriate electronic invoicing system depending on the business of the taxpayer.

Different electronic invoicing systems will be provided to different taxpayers as follows:

  • an electronic billing machine (EBM) software which is specifically designed for large and medium taxpayers as well as other taxpayers who may apply for it;
  • an EBM mobile system which is available for taxpayers whose turnover does not exceed RWF 20 million; and
  • an online EBM solution for taxpayers in the service industry such as lawyers and consultants whose turnover does not exceed RWF 20 million.

The RRA will also avail an online sales data controller and a virtual sales data controller to taxpayers with their own electronic invoicing systems.

The announcement by the RRA was made on 14 May 2021.