May 31 2018

Taxpayers Don’t Have to Make Registrations for Claiming Corporate Income Tax Benefits

The State Administration of Taxation recently issued the revised editions of the Measures for the Handling of Preferential Policies on Corporate Income Tax, and the Catalogue on the Management of Preferential Items on Corporate Income Tax (2017 Edition).

According to the revised documents, corporate taxpayers should confirm by themselves whether they are eligible to enjoy the preferential tax policies, make tax declarations and present relevant documents. Taxpayers no longer have to make registration before making tax declarations and claiming tax benefits, and they should keep relevant business records and tax documents to be subject to future examinations by tax authorities.

The revised regulations apply to the handling of preferential tax items in the 2017 fiscal year and future years. When a company prepares to pay corporate income tax for 2017, it no longer has to make registrations if it's eligible to claim tax benefits.