January 11 2022

Uganda Signs Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts (CRS-MCAA)

Source: IBFD Tax Research Platform News

According to a recent overview published by the OECD, Uganda has joined the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement‎ on Automatic Exchange of Information Agreement (2014) (CRS-MCAA) on the introduction of the automatic exchange of information in tax matters on a reciprocal basis.

The CRS MCAA is a multilateral competent authority agreement, based on article 6 of the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, as amended by the 2010 protocol, which aims to implement the automatic exchange of financial account information pursuant to the OECD/G20 Common Reporting Standard (CRS). The text of the CRS MCAA, background information and a list of all the signatories (status on 25 September 2021: 114 signatories) can be found here.