July 28 2021

United States and South Africa Join Forces against Tax and Financial Crimes

Source: IBFD Tax Research Platform News

The US Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division (IRS-CI) and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) enforcement divisions are joining forces to fight tax and economic crimes affecting both countries. To announce their collaborative effort, the IRS-CI and SARS jointly issued a Press Release, dated 6 July 2021.

According to the Press Release, the IRS-CI and the SARS are working together to identify, investigate and bring to justice criminals with a nexus to both countries who have committed, among other crimes, international public corruption, cyber fraud, and money laundering. The newly formed partnership has already uncovered emerging schemes perpetrated by promoters, professional enablers, and financial institutions.

Note: The IRS CI is the only US federal law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over US federal tax crimes. The IRS-CI has special agent attachés who are strategically stationed in 11 foreign countries to build and maintain strong alliances with foreign governments, law enforcement and industry partners.