July 2019 / Bulgaria

July 3 2019

Postponed accounting of import VAT for certain goods enters into force

As of 1 July 2019, a recent amendment to VAT Act entered into force and the possibility for self-assessment of VAT in the VAT return (instead of effective payment at importation) is now extended to importers of goods such as aluminium, nickel, sulphur, tin, lead, zinc and organic chemical products. In order to apply the postponed accounting, the importer must meet the following requirements:
  • each commodity included in the customs document for importation must have a customs value of at least BGN 50,000 (approximately EUR 25,600);
  • the importer must have been registered for VAT purposes in Bulgaria (on general mandatory or voluntary grounds or on the grounds of supply of goods including assembly and installation) for at least six months before the importation; and
  • the importer must not have any unsettled tax and social security liabilities.