December 2020 / United Kingdom

30 Dicembre 2020

Brexit: the European Union Signs the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

The President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission has signed the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, on behalf of the European Union, on 30 December 2020. The agreement aims at ensuring a robust level playing field by maintaining high levels of protection in areas such as State aid, tax transparency, VAT, customs and social security coordination. The agreement has been brought to the United Kingdom to be signed before being provisionally applied as of 1 January 2021.  

Exporting and importing businesses: prepare for 1 January 2021

The process for importing and exporting goods will change from 1 January 2021. Use this page to find guidance from the Department for International Trade.


  1. Find a commodity code
  2. Check tariffs
  3. Trade agreements
  4. Exporting to and importing from the EU
  5. Exporting to and importing from non-EU countries
  6. Import controls and customs
  7. Trade remedies