November 1 2020

Hong Kong Starts-Up: Agricultural Transformation Via Industrial Premises Repurposing

Source: HKTDC Research

While Hong Kong continues to undergo economic transformation and urbanisation, local agricultural activities have been on the decline. According to government estimates, agricultural land currently covers about 66 sq km, around 6% of Hong Kong’s total land area. In light of Hong Kong’s acute land shortage, one idea that has become popular in recent years is that of reforming traditional agriculture by revitalising industrial buildings to accommodate indoor urban farming. Farm66 Investment Ltd became the first indoor aquaponics farm in Hong Kong, devoting great efforts to researching new technologies for the development of urban farming. Its technologies and concepts have now attracted a number of overseas companies interested in co-operation. Gordon Tam, the founder of Farm66, talked to HKTDC Research about the difficulties encountered during the start-up process. He believes that, in order to boost the local scientific research ecosystem, Hong Kong should be updating its laws to keep pace with the development of innovation and technology.

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