August 15 2019

Johannesburg to launch new high density housing scheme

Source: CR Construction Review Online

City of Johannesburg in South Africa is set to launch a new high-density housing scheme. The city’s Mayor, Herman Mashaba announced the reports and said that the housing development are aimed at integrating mixed-income groups to achieve social, economic, and spatial integration.

High density housing scheme

Mashaba said that the development being built by Johannesburg Social Housing Company (Joshco), is part of the four sites zoned for high density residential projects across the country. It forms part of a mixed integrated housing development, with 24 buildings consisting of two and three storey walk-up apartment and blocks with a total 407 rental units.


The new high density of social housing scheme will be built in Lufhereng Ext. 1 in Soweto. The building will accommodate mixed income households with gross income ranging from US $98.17 to US $981.6 per month. These units also comprise of bonded-housing, Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) and Breaking New Ground (BNG) houses.

Mashaba added that the project will feature and incorporate optimal water and energy efficient practices such as solar geysers, energy efficient lighting, insulation, waste management initiatives, as well as water harvesting directly from the roofs.

“The development of new and improvement existing affordable rental housing opportunities for the residents of Johannesburg is critical for driving our economy, and stimulating the creation of much-needed jobs. The City is therefore committed to designing and building quality, resource efficient, economically sustainable and affordable housing, located in neighborhoods that have easy access to transport nodes, which links to job opportunities, and ultimately, better quality of life,” said the mayor.