July 1 2022

Switzerland – A hub for personalized health

Source: Switzerland - Global Enterprise

The close collaboration between science and industry is unique in Switzerland: Companies in the life sciences sector benefit from fast technology transfer in an innovative ecosystem, driven by cutting-edge research from Swiss-based pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks to its traditional strength in the life sciences sector and international ICT hotspots, Switzerland offers the ideal environment for innovative companies that want to quickly and easily bring new innovations in personalized health to market. In Switzerland, science and industry have a uniquely close relationship that guarantees fast technology transfer in a versatile and compact ecosystem. Cutting-edge research is carried out by Swiss pharmaceutical companies such as Roche and Novartis, at world-class universities and government institutes; SMEs and startups provide important impetus for this. Switzer-land is investing massively in harmonized data infrastructures, while at the same time placing great importance on data protection.

Fact sheet: Switzerland - a hub for personalized health

Source: S-GE